In this exercise you have to create a Die module in a file called die.ex with one function roll/0 that simply returns a number between 1 and 6.

Put the file in the same directory as the coin.ex and stats.ex files as we will be needing them.

Hint: use :random:uniform/1 from the Erlang libraries for the easy solution or :random:uniform/0 and trunc/1 for the more complicated solution.

You can compile your module in one of two ways.

Command Line Compiling

$ elixirc die.ex
$ ls
coin.ex         die.ex          Elixir.Coin.beam        Elixir.Die.beam
Elixir.Stats.beam               stats.ex

Compiling in the interactive shell

You then start the iex shell from the command line and do the following:

iex(1)> c("die.ex")

Throwing the die

Here is some sample output of how it should work:

iex(2)> Die.roll()
iex(3)> Die.roll()
iex(4)> Die.roll()

Sample the die

Try using the Stats.sample/2 function to sample 10 rolls of your die.