As Elixir runs on the BEAM, Erlang’s runtime, you need to install Erlang first.

If your instructor is nice, he/she will have given you a usb stick with the Erlang installer on. Otherwise, you just go to one of these places to get Erlang:

Then you go to link:elixir-lang.org/install.html and follow the install instructions for your platform.


Editing Elixir programs is best done in a text editor - you can use any, but the reference editor for this course is Atom since it is easy to use and has a mode for Elixir, which makes working with Elixir files a lot nicer.

Again, your instructor might have been nice to you and provided you with the Atom installer on a usb stick, if not, go to tom.io, download and install.

Once you have installed Atom you need to install the Elixir mode.

That is done through Atom’s preferences under Install. Just type elixir in the search field and language-elixir will appear - click Install and you are ready to edit some code!