Here you will find slides, exercises and other goodies to run an Elixir course for Junior Beamsters.

Note: the first five days has been a quest of finding the right way of teaching and dealing with the Windows machines. Once a steady state has been obtained the first days will be revisited and a more sensible outline created.

After day 3 it became obvious that parallel coding is the way to learn all the different aspects — command line, editor, compiling, syntax, functions — so that style is what we will run with for a while.

Day 5 (first run at Usserød Skole) will start out with installing Atom (again, again, again) and move it to place where it will not be deleted right after logging out.

Specifics for the Usserød Skole Course

As the test bed and initial participant in the Junior Beamster course is Usserød Skole here are a few links specific to that.